Fit Meal Plans

Customize your own meal plan to fit your budget and schedule

Why sign up for a Careit meal plan?

  • Eat healthy, freshly prepared meals
  • Trade shopping and preparation for more time and energy
  • Meet health, weight loss, and fitness goals with meals you actually want to eat

We can provide up to 3 meals and 2 snacks per day, 3-6 days per week for a minimum of 4 weeks.

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How to get started

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What others are saying

"Meal preparation is key in reaching fitness, health and lifestyle goals. Careit Urban Deli's customizable mael plans are convenient, delicious, locally sourced and very budget friendly."

– Shara Vigeant, Owner - SVPT Fitness & Athletics


"As an athlete, Careit Urban Deli provides me with such convenient, consistent, high quality meals necessary for me to maintain a high level of performance."

– Korey Jones, Professional Football Player


"Third meal plan company in 3 years and hoping Cam and his Team can keep up with the high standards he delivers."

– Luke Williamson, CEO Accurate Networks



How does the meal plan work?

Meal Plans are designed to simplify your daily lifestyle, with clean healthy takeout options. It allows you to eat homemade style meals at the convenience of eating out. To get started it's as simple as to fill out the form online or in any CAREIT Urban deli. Our menu is 100% customizable so choose your option and send in with a secured Credit Card payment. You will be billed at the beginning of each month on a month to month commitment. Food will be delivered Mon-Wed-Fri at one of our 4 locations that you specified for pickup at 11:30am.

What if I want to only pick up one day a week?

Our meals are made fresh every day and have a 6 day shelf life, we recommend on a 5-6 day plan to have 2 pickup days. If you would like to extend the food shelf life our meals freeze well.

How many days do I have to commit to?

Our policy is minimum 3 days and 4 weeks to start. In our experience, once you start your mean plan program, the convenience, cost savings and heather food choices have retained clients once beginning their program.

How often do I pay?

We charge for the first month and monthly after that with only a month to month comment. We do ask for 7 days notice to hold or cancel your commitment.

What if I want different foods on the meal plan that are not listed?

CAREIT Urban deli is owned by chefs who are flexible to do any mealplan. We can make a menu suitable for any tastes.

Do you deliver?

Currently we offer pickups at our 4 conveniently located Delis, but as we grow delivery will be an optional service we will be offering to our clients.

Why would I choose CAREIT meal plan over competitors?

We believe is supporting local and helping our communities grow a healthy lifestyle. We acquire our ingredients from locally owned farms. This allows us to be sure that the ingredients we use are are simply the best. All our protein are local using grass fed beef, free range chickens and our experience with made to go meals is unmatched. CAREIT urban deli is your local deli with all locations being owner operated to ensure your satisfaction.

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